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DC Office of Motion Picture and Television Development
Filmmaker of the Month

Each month, the DC Film Office features a District-based filmmaker who exemplifies the vast amount of talent and creativity based here in the nation’s capital. The Filmmaker of the Month initiative is part of its mission to elevate the national and international profile of the city’s most talented filmmakers. The District of Columbia has a diverse group of filmmakers who are producing films locally, as well as nationally and internationally. The purpose of this feature is to bring attention to this wide range of artistry that has so long been untapped and overlooked. Below you will find the Filmmaker of the Month recipients that have been honored over the last year.


April 2015 Filmmakers of the Month:
Marilyn and Hal Weiner

Emmy Award-winning husband and wife team are among the world’s most honored documentary filmmakers.
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March 2015 Filmmaker of the Month:
Judy Hallet

Award-winning documentarian honored for her outstanding film career spanning more than four decades.
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February 2015 Filmmaker of the Month:
Damien Coor

Founder of D.C.-based Heavy Contrast Films, recognized as accomplished producer and cinematographer.
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January 2015 Filmmaker of the Month:
Saaret Yoseph

D.C. native filmmaker honored for her community-driven documentary work, particularly her latest DC-centric documentary.
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December 2014 Filmmaker of the Month:
Katy Chevigny

Award-winning filmmaker and co-founder of Big Mouth Productions, acknowledged for her profound feature documentaries.
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November 2014 Filmmaker of the Month:
Donna Brant

Award-winning producer honored for her socially-driven, and powerful documentary work on inspiring societal issues of today.
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October 2014 Filmmaker of the Month:
Michael Hardy

Emerging filmmaker recognized for his extraordinary work as associate producer of critically acclaimed feature Fort Bliss and his unique filmmaking perspective as a former Army officer.
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September 2014 Filmmaker of the Month:
Sowande Tichawonna

DC native recognized for award-winning work as writer, director, and producer of his own films, as well as other televised material.
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August 2014 Filmmaker of the Month:
Tessa Moran

Award-winning filmmaker honored for her independent broadcast documentaries and local non-profit work.
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July 2014 Filmmaker of the Month:
Andre Dahlman

Award-winning filmmaker recognized for extraordinary documentary work at home and abroad.
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June 2014 Filmmaker of the Month:
St. Clair DuBois

Multimedia founder recognized for diverse commercial and feature film work.
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May 2014 Filmmaker of the Month:
Be Steadwell

Emerging filmmaker honored for unique style of filmmaking and multi-faceted background.
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April 2014 Filmmaker of the Month:
Nancy Swenton

Award-Winning filmmaker recognized for expertise and craft in capturing DC in film and TV.
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March 2014 Filmmaker of the Month:
Brad Allgood

Multiple CINE award-winning filmmaker honored for broad filmmaking experience around the globe.
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February 2014 Filmmaker of the Month:
Pierre Bagley

Pierre Bagley is a writer, producer and director with more than 35 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry.
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January 2014 Filmmaker of the Month:
Grace Guggenheim

Grace Guggenheim is an Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker and owner of Guggenheim Productions.
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