Festival Guide

  • Series 1 of Filmfest DC will take place June 4 - 8 and will feature the first half of the festival program.
  • Series 2 of the Filmfest DC will take place June 9 - 13 and will feature the second half of the festival program.

Each film will only be available in either Series 1 or 2. To learn a film's availability dates, please see the chart below or visit the film page. Please be mindful of your film's availability dates. No refunds will be issued if you miss your screening.

Series 1

Friday June 4 - Tuesday June 8

Series 2

Wednesday June 9 - Sunday June 13

Geographic Restrictions

Some films are only available to viewers in the Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia (DMV) area. All geographically restricted films will be identified as such on their film pages. If you live outside of the DMV area, please check if your film is geographically restricted before making purchases. All films are geo-blocked to the USA unless otherwise mentioned.


General admission is $9.00 per film. A ten-ticket Director's Pass is available for $70.00 ($90.00 value). There are a limited number of tickets available for each film. Complete ticket information is available on our ticket page. Filmfest DC is using the Eventive virtual platform for all film screenings.

Audience Support

For technical questions: On each Eventive screening page, there is a "Need Help" button that takes you to our streaming platform’s FAQ page. If you are unable to find the answer in the FAQ, you can launch live chat support that goes directly to their audience support team.

For non-technical questions about films, tickets or the schedule, please email us at filmfestdc@filmfestdc.org or call 202-234-FILM (Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM).

Support Filmfest DC

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Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


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