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Thursday, May 2

The Best Sommelier in the World
Nicolás Carreras - Argentina - 80 mins

6:00 PM

Many of us picture a sommelier as someone who can take a sip of wine, knowing absolutely nothing about it, and miraculously guess which country it is from, the region, the grapes used to make it, and even the year it was made. This documentary about a competition with 60 countries represented to determine the Best Sommelier in the World, ... more

Fading Portraits
Ali Shilandari - Iran - 55 mins

What is the role of art in a repressive society and how can an artist survive? Renowned Iranian photographer Maryam Zandi calls herself a social documentary photographer. She is that and so much more: an uncompromising spirit. "To each her own weapon," she says. "I have my camera." Ali Shilandri follows Zandi at a turning point in her ... more

Hugh Hefner's After Dark: Speaking Out in America
Brigitte Berman - Canada - 101 mins

From the opening image of Sarah Vaughan singing, Brigitte Berman's documentary entices viewers into a glamorous world long unseen. Featuring an endless stream of the famous and fabulous, the film is compiled from the TV shows Playboy's Penthouse (1959-1960, black-and-white) and Playboy After Dark (1968-1970, color). Berman lets the remarkable ... more

Gregory Dixon - USA - 93 mins

Written by its star, the talented McKenzie Chinn, and directed as an MFA thesis film by Gregory Dixon, Olympia is a loving picture of Chicago's black artist community and a personal drama of a woman caught at an unforgiving crossroads: she's turning 30, her mother is dying, and she's stuck in a dead-end job. An art-school graduate, Olympia ... more

Ritesh Batra - India - 109 mins

6:00 PM

Ritesh Batra (The Lunchbox) returns with a delicate tale of quiet romance that finds the beauty in fleeting moments of connection amidst the chaos of an increasingly stratified city. Rafi works as a street photographer in frenzied Mumbai, snapping portraits for tourists at the city's landmarks. When his ailing grandmother—who always ... more

The Sweet Requiem
Ritu Sarin, Tenzing Sonam - India, USA - 91 mins

In a Tibetan refugee enclave in Delhi, Dolkar's concerns are those of any Indian her age—find a good job, look cool, go dancing at night—plus hide new refugees from the Chinese authorities and deal with living apart from family in Lhasa, who gave you up to your future. Dolkar arrived 18 years ago; she barely remembers the ... more

Traces of the Soul
Martin Cooper - UK - 86 mins

Calligraphy is an art, a philosophy, and, for its practitioners, a way of life rooted in ancient tradition. So it is surprising to learn how very contemporary calligraphy can be in the hands of 12 international artists profiled in Traces of the Soul. In an era when cultures worldwide are united by the habit of speed-sending billions of ... more

Piazzolla, the Years of the Shark
Daniel Rosenfeld - Argentina, France, Japan - 90 mins

8:15 PM

For the first time ever, the hidden archives of revolutionary Argentine bandoneon player Astor Piazzolla are opened by his son and daughter, Daniel and Diana, in this cinematic portrait of the worldwide legendary composer whose new approach to tango changed the genre indefinitely. His nuevo tango, with its jazz and classical influences, ... more

Timur Bekmambetov - USA, UK, Russia, Cyprus - 105 mins

8:15 PM

Posing as a disaffected Muslim convert named Melody who's flirting with the idea of turning teen jihadi war bride, a struggling British journalist named Amy uses social media and Skype to entrap an ISIS recruiter in hopes of securing a lucrative exposé that can help launch her career. Instead, she finds that the need to constantly evolve ... more

Las Sandinistas!
Jenny Murray - Nicaragua, USA - 96 mins

Las Sandinistas! tells of the women who led the FSLN revolution in Nicaragua in the 1970–80s. They were students, farmers, poets, lawyers, and mothers. They trained as guerrillas, led battalions, and many died. We get to know the living, active, still-fascinating protagonists of this history. If the FSLN's goal was to eradicate poverty ... more

Paris Song
Jeff Vespa - Kazakhstan - 90 mins

Paris Song recreates the amazing but true story of Amre Kashaubayev, a young musician from the bleak steppes of Kazakhstan who found himself competing at the 1925 Paris Expo. Sanjar Madi is completely convincing as Amre, wide-eyed at being dropped out of nowhere into the modern world. With his haunting singing and mastery of the traditional ... more

Wanuri Kahiu - Kenya - 83 mins

In a lively Nairobi housing estate where everyone knows everyone and there are no secrets, two girls share one. Kena (Samantha Mugatsia), soccer-playing, studious, and poor and Ziki (Sheila Muniyiva), bold and flighty, colorful, and rich, have fallen in love. That their fathers are rivals in a bitter campaign for local office becomes ... more