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Friday, May 3

Gabriel Taraboulsy - USA - 89 mins

"There are very few people who think about the shape of pasta like I do." So says chef Evan Funke at the beginning of this mouth-watering and fascinating documentary about Funke's attempt at kitchen redemption. Calling himself a "storyteller through food," Funke declares his intention "to create the most comprehensive pasta program in ... more

Gregory Dixon - USA - 93 mins

Written by its star, the talented McKenzie Chinn, and directed as an MFA thesis film by Gregory Dixon, Olympia is a loving picture of Chicago's black artist community and a personal drama of a woman caught at an unforgiving crossroads: she's turning 30, her mother is dying, and she's stuck in a dead-end job. An art-school graduate, Olympia ... more

Simple Wedding
Sara Zandieh - USA - 90 mins

6:00 PM

Produced by and co-starring Rita Wilson (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), this uproarious debut feature from Sara Zandieh presents an authentic and diverse look at finding love in this day and age and all the complications that come with it. After successfully sabotaging another of her parents' arranged marriage setups, the ever-charming and ... more

Tel Aviv on Fire
Sameh Zoabi - Luxembourg, France, Israel, Belgium - 97 mins

6:00 PM

One of the most irreverent cinematic spins on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the latest film from writer-director Sameh Zoabi follows a fledgling soap-opera screenwriter charged with concocting plot twists to suit viewers on both sides. Salam (Kais Nashif) begins working on "Tel Aviv on Fire," a popular Palestinian evening soap for ... more

Fading Portraits
Ali Shilandari - Iran - 55 mins

What is the role of art in a repressive society and how can an artist survive? Renowned Iranian photographer Maryam Zandi calls herself a social documentary photographer. She is that and so much more: an uncompromising spirit. "To each her own weapon," she says. "I have my camera." Ali Shilandri follows Zandi at a turning point in her ... more

For the Ones We Loved
Pascal Thomas - France - 96 mins

6:30 PM

At a beautiful wedding, the bride and groom exchange the vows they have written. Once outside the church, the newlyweds can't resist kissing each other as friends and family cheer them on. But there's a woman in a convertible idling at the end of the steps. Seeing her, the groom shrugs and then races to her and leaps into the car, which ... more

Paris Song
Jeff Vespa - Kazakhstan - 90 mins

Paris Song recreates the amazing but true story of Amre Kashaubayev, a young musician from the bleak steppes of Kazakhstan who found himself competing at the 1925 Paris Expo. Sanjar Madi is completely convincing as Amre, wide-eyed at being dropped out of nowhere into the modern world. With his haunting singing and mastery of the traditional ... more

The Accused
Gonzalo Tobal - Argentina, Mexico - 108 mins

8:30 PM

Barely 20 years old, Dolores Dreier (Lali Espósito) has spent the last 2 years hiding from the outside world under the ever-watchful eyes of her parents. The last person to see her best friend alive before her brutal death, Dolores is the only suspect in her murder. Under intrusive media scrutiny and facing accusations from the general ... more

Dear Walmart
Kiley Kraskouskas, Michael Blain - USA - 60 mins

Some workers love retail; it has its satisfactions. All they want is for retail to love them back, in the form of a living wage, affordable healthcare, a safe workplace, and respect. OURWalmart (OUR, Organization United for Respect) was begun in 2011 by a few brave workers at the world's largest private employer, many of whose two million-strong ... more

Mothers' Instinct
Olivier Masset-Depasse - Belgium - 97 mins

In the soft-focus French suburbs of the 1950s, comfortably bourgeois neighbors Alice and Céline (Veerle Baetens and Anne Coesens, respectively) are best friends. Their families live in the same impressive duplex building, and even their sons are friends. It's an idyllic world of surprise parties and happy small talk—until Celine's ... more

Sink or Swim
Gilles Lellouche - France, Belgium - 122 mins

8:30 PM

Gilles Lellouche's warm and amusing film poses this question: Can a loose collection of mismatched oddballs come together to find success as a male synchronized-swimming team? The absurdity of the premise is matched by the sincere commitment of a group of barely athletic men bonding over this seemingly impossible task. After all, their ... more

The Spy Gone North
Yoon Jong-bin - South Korea - 137 mins

With recent events involving the Korean peninsula, this film could not be more timely. It is based on the true story of "Black Venus," a South Korean intelligence agent who infiltrated the very top of North Korea's political regime in the 1990s to spy on illegal nuclear activity. When rising military officer Park Suk-young is tasked with ... more

Traces of the Soul
Martin Cooper - UK - 86 mins

Calligraphy is an art, a philosophy, and, for its practitioners, a way of life rooted in ancient tradition. So it is surprising to learn how very contemporary calligraphy can be in the hands of 12 international artists profiled in Traces of the Soul. In an era when cultures worldwide are united by the habit of speed-sending billions of ... more

Hopelessly Devout
Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz - Spain - 90 mins

8:45 PM

Carmen, an elderly church activist, is an admired member of the stodgy "brotherhood" that carries out a procession during one of Spain's legendary Holy Week pageants. But the women want to wear makeup and shorter skirts. Most of all, they want recognition of the women who are in reality playing a leading role. Even though Carmen has overwhelming ... more