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Saturday, May 4

Our Time
Carlos Reygadas - Mexico - 177 mins

Mexico's most daring filmmaker, Carlos Reygadas (Japón, Silent Light), creates layered, complex films in which even seemingly minor actions become revelations about human relationships. Here, he takes on the charged topic of love and sex in the lives of Juan and Ester, an educated, internet-savvy, artistic couple (played by Reygadas and ... more

Magical Nights
Paolo Virzì - Italy - 125 mins

3:30 PM

In Rome in 1990, La Dolce Vita isn't so sweet anymore. Soccer and TV have supplanted cinema in the public's affection, yet the old film directors are still in play, "worn out but with ironclad contracts," including the revered Fellini. Enter three fresh young faces, finalists for a screenwriting contest, each naive in a different way: ... more

Short Cuts 1
various - Slovenia, Switzerland, USA, China, UK, Belgium - 100 mins

Spreading the Seed (Ana Cerar), All Inclusive (Corina Schwingruber Ilic), Masks (Mahaliyah Ayla O), Sister (Siqi Song), Edgecombe (Crystal Kayiza), Sweetheart Dancers (Ben-Alex Dupris), Life in Miniature (Ellen Evans), and Avec Thelma (Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni)... more

Tehran: City of Love
Ali Jaberansari - Iran, UK - 102 mins

4:00 PM

Three people disenchanted with love navigate Tehran's appearances-obsessed singles landscape: Mina, an overweight receptionist at a beauty clinic; Vahid, a sad-sack singer for strangers' funerals; and Hessam, a tattooed but gentle bodybuilder. No spoilers here, but suffice to say that in this city everyone has an "uncle" pulling or jerking ... more

Dear Walmart
Kiley Kraskouskas, Michael Blain - USA - 60 mins

Some workers love retail; it has its satisfactions. All they want is for retail to love them back, in the form of a living wage, affordable healthcare, a safe workplace, and respect. OURWalmart (OUR, Organization United for Respect) was begun in 2011 by a few brave workers at the world's largest private employer, many of whose two million-strong ... more

The Third Wife
Ash Mayfair - Vietnam - 96 mins

Though only 14 years old, May is selected to be the third wife of a wealthy landowner. Her new home feels idyllic, her husband favors her, and she quickly becomes pregnant with what she is certain will be the desired male progeny. But trouble is quietly brewing. May's accelerated journey from childhood to motherhood prompts her to question ... more

Hugh Hefner's After Dark: Speaking Out in America
Brigitte Berman - Canada - 101 mins

From the opening image of Sarah Vaughan singing, Brigitte Berman's documentary entices viewers into a glamorous world long unseen. Featuring an endless stream of the famous and fabulous, the film is compiled from the TV shows Playboy's Penthouse (1959-1960, black-and-white) and Playboy After Dark (1968-1970, color). Berman lets the remarkable ... more

Tel Aviv on Fire
Sameh Zoabi - Luxembourg, France, Israel, Belgium - 97 mins

6:00 PM

One of the most irreverent cinematic spins on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the latest film from writer-director Sameh Zoabi follows a fledgling soap-opera screenwriter charged with concocting plot twists to suit viewers on both sides. Salam (Kais Nashif) begins working on "Tel Aviv on Fire," a popular Palestinian evening soap for ... more

The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste García
Arturo Infante - Cuba - 92 mins

6:15 PM

A compassionate and candid woman with an endless curiosity for life, Celeste is a retired and widowed teacher living a tranquil, unadventurous existence in Havana. One day, the government announces the surprising news that aliens have been living on Earth and that these unusual guests are now returning the favor by inviting humans to ... more

Gabriel Taraboulsy - USA - 89 mins

"There are very few people who think about the shape of pasta like I do." So says chef Evan Funke at the beginning of this mouth-watering and fascinating documentary about Funke's attempt at kitchen redemption. Calling himself a "storyteller through food," Funke declares his intention "to create the most comprehensive pasta program in ... more

Carlos Sorín - Argentina - 100 mins

In Tierra del Fuego, Cecilia, a piano teacher, and her husband, Diego, a forestry contractor, are recent transplants from the city. There's a lot to get used to in this community reaching toward middle class but still rural at the edges. The couple learns that the adoption they have applied for has come through. With the arrival of 9-year-old ... more

Nicolas Monette - Canada - 90 mins

We are familiar with the French sex farce, but here comes a worthy French Canadian sex farce. Set in Montreal, Threesome introduces us to Estelle (Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin), an overworked, unsatisfied mother and wife about to turn 35. Beset by home renovations taking forever and demoralizing developments at work, Estelle turns to her ... more

Piazzolla, the Years of the Shark
Daniel Rosenfeld - Argentina, France, Japan - 90 mins

8:15 PM

For the first time ever, the hidden archives of revolutionary Argentine bandoneon player Astor Piazzolla are opened by his son and daughter, Daniel and Diana, in this cinematic portrait of the worldwide legendary composer whose new approach to tango changed the genre indefinitely. His nuevo tango, with its jazz and classical influences, ... more

Cold Sweat
Soheil Beiraghi - Iran - 88 mins

As the Iranian national women's futsal (indoor soccer) team gets ready to board a plane to compete in the Asia Cup in Malaysia, team captain Afrooz is stunned to learn that she cannot go because Yasser, her husband, has refused to give permission for her to leave the country. Her teammates are upset because Afrooz is not only the captain ... more

DC Noir
George Pelecanos, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Nick Pelecanos, Stephen Kinigopoulos - USA - 93 mins

8:30 PM

DC Noir is an anthology of four stories written by D.C. novelist George Pelecanos and set in the Washington neighborhoods Hollywood cameras never film. From the evocative title sequence, the film rewards viewers who have long put up with films supposedly set here but actually filmed elsewhere. Using an all-local crew, DC Noir proudly ... more

Hidden Man
Jiang Wen - China - 134 mins

Jiang Wen's latest film is an astonishing, bullet-fast action epic. Hidden Man is fueled by dazzling chase sequences, gorgeous visuals, and pure adrenaline. It's the final film in a 1930s-set trilogy, but it may leave you panting for more. In a tour-de-force opening sequence, a lethal attack upends a martial arts master's birthday party. ... more

Timur Bekmambetov - USA, UK, Russia, Cyprus - 105 mins

Posing as a disaffected Muslim convert named Melody who's flirting with the idea of turning teen jihadi war bride, a struggling British journalist named Amy uses social media and Skype to entrap an ISIS recruiter in hopes of securing a lucrative exposé that can help launch her career. Instead, she finds that the need to constantly evolve ... more

The Sweet Requiem
Ritu Sarin, Tenzing Sonam - India, USA - 91 mins

In a Tibetan refugee enclave in Delhi, Dolkar's concerns are those of any Indian her age—find a good job, look cool, go dancing at night—plus hide new refugees from the Chinese authorities and deal with living apart from family in Lhasa, who gave you up to your future. Dolkar arrived 18 years ago; she barely remembers the ... more