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Justice Matters

 Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine   Connie Field - USA - 96 mins

In March 2011, a Christian gospel choir and American academic and playwright Dr. Clayborne Carson travelled to the Holy Land to tour the West Bank with a Palestinian production of a play about the too-short life and tumultuous times of pastor, activist, humanitarian, and civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. The resulting cultural exchange, creatively ... more

Tue, April 22 8:45 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Wed, April 23 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 Beyond the Walls   Gayle Embrey - Argentina, Australia, El Salvador, Israel, Liberia, Palestine, Slovenia, USA, UK - 92 mins

As one of the artists in Gayle Embrey's globe-trotting documentary about community murals puts it, the public space is always political. So painting pictures on the sides of buildings is more than just simple decoration. Beyond the Walls profiles people who come together to express their stories and histories through art. As one community organizer ... more

Wed, April 23 8:45 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Fri, April 25 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 The Golden Dream   Diego Quemada-Diez - Mexico, Spain - 109 mins

Straight from the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes International Film Festival and recent winner of the Best International Film Accolade at the Mumbai Film Festival, first-time director Diego Quemada-Diez's The Golden Dream is the latest and most skillful drama following the harrowing and compelling plight of undocumented immigrants in search ... more

Tue, April 22 6:30 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Thu, April 24 8:15 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 Lakshmi   Nagesh Kukunoor - India - 109 mins

Almost 44,000 children are abducted in India every year, a quarter of whom are never traced. Most probably fall victim to sex trafficking. Inspired by a true story, the film follows 13-year-old Lakshmi, who is abducted along with several other girls. Taken to a brothel, she learns from a roommate how to survive, but Lakshmi is not ready to give in and accept ... more

Thu, April 24 8:45 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Fri, April 25 6:30 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
 Return to Homs   Talal Derki - Syria, Germany - 90 mins

"Our previous dreams are behind us now," Syrian director Talal Derki says. "We'd never win if we stay peaceful." These are two of the prominent themes in the remarkable documentary Return to Homs, in which the director and his friends morph from protesters to revolutionaries as their western city of Homs, a growing hotbed of resistance, is methodically ... more

Mon, April 21 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Wed, April 23 8:45 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00

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