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Justice Matters

 Dukhtar   Afia Nathaniel - Pakistan, USA, Norway - 93 mins

To end a long-standing tribal blood feud between their clans in the volatile Kashmir region of remote rural Pakistan, elderly warlord Tor Gul (Abdullah Jaan) insists he be allowed to marry Zaineb (Saleha Aref), the daughter of chief Daulat (Asif Khan). Daulat agrees, even though Zaineb is a child. When his estranged wife Allah Rahki (Samiya Mumtaz; her character's ... more

Wed, April 22 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $13.00
Fri, April 24 8:45 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $13.00
 Limited Partnership   Thomas Miller - USA - 74 mins

In 1971, Filipino-American Richard Adams and Australian Tony Sullivan met in Los Angeles and fell in love. Four years later, they became the first couple to receive a same-sex marriage license. Shortly afterward, the Immigration and Naturalization Service knocked back their application for Tony's spousal visa, chiding, "You have failed to establish that ... more

Thu, April 23 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $13.00
Sat, April 25 9:15 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $13.00
 Maidan   Sergei Loznitsa - The Netherlands - 133 mins

Like many overseas conflicts, the recent unrest in Ukraine is an abstract thing to those not directly involved: grainy news footage and complex political references with little or no context, which is why every country needs a Sergei Loznitsa, a Kiev-raised nonfiction and feature film director of uncommon visual acuity. His latest feature, Maidan ... more

Sun, April 19 3:45 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $13.00
Sat, April 25 3:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $13.00
 This is My Land   Tamara Erde - France - 93 mins

How do the Palestinian and Israeli educational systems teach the history of their respective nations and their intertwined conflict? Israeli director Tamara Erde set out to answer this is a provocative, complex, and fascinating question a few years after completing her army service. Despite the fact that the respective education ministries are leery about ... more

Thu, April 23 8:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $13.00
Sat, April 25 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $13.00
 Tigers   Danis Tanovic - India, France, UK - 90 mins

In rural Pakistan, an ambitious pharmaceutical rep (Bollywood superstar Emraan Hashmi) lands a job with baby formula juggernaut Lastavita and is sent into the field with other "tigers" to seduce doctors and hospital staff into stocking the brand and counseling new mothers against breast-feeding. He's good at his job and rises quickly, only to quit abruptly ... more

Mon, April 20 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $13.00
Tue, April 21 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $13.00

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