Executive Order

Medida Provisória

Brazil, 2020
94 minutes, Color

This sci-fi drama is set in a dystopian near future in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Young lawyer Antônio sues the Brazilian government for reparations for all descendants of African slaves in the country. The authoritarian government responds by signing an executive order that banishes all black citizens from Brazil, creating chaos and protest. Citizens are categorized by their skin color, hunted, and exiled to Africa against their will. While the army and police enforce the order, Antônio enlists his uncle to find his wife, a doctor who has gone missing. The three join a defiant underground movement fighting the madness that has taken over Brazil and spark a resistance that inspires the nation. Politically and culturally driven, Executive Order also aims for education and entertainment in equal measure. The film is the directorial debut of Lázaro Ramos, one of Brazil’s most acclaimed actors.—Various sources

In Portuguese with English subtitles

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