The Perfect Patient


Sweden, 2019
122 minutes, Color

Based on true events, The Perfect Patient combines gripping Nordic noir with a human story about a relentless and resourceful search for the truth. Thomas Quick is the most notorious serial killer ever convicted in Sweden. From the psychiatric prison where he serves a life sentence, he claims that he was also a cannibalistic rapist and confesses to an additional 25 murders. But years into his sentence, Quick's life is changed by Hannes Råstam (Jonas Karlsson), a prize-winning investigative reporter and producer of documentaries examining police and the Swedish justice system. Without much support from the Swedish authorities, Råstam dedicates himself to unmasking the legal chaos that resulted in Quick's conviction. Returning to his native Sweden after 15 years in Hollywood, director Mikael Håfström carefully lays out the pieces of the puzzle while emphasizing the phrase "beyond a reasonable doubt."—Palm Springs International Film Festival

In Swedish with English subtitles

Friday, October 2 - Tuesday, October 6
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