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Friday, October 2 - Tuesday, October 6

Banksy Most Wanted
Aurélia Rouvier, Seamus Haley - France - 90 mins

Banksy is the Robin Hood of the art world (if Robin Hood had an agent), stenciling politically poignant, deceptively charming pictures illegally in public spaces in broad daylight but always unseen in action. Best known for The Flower Thrower, which appeared in Gaza as a gift of solidarity; Girl with a Balloon, which mysteriously shredded on its purchase at auction; and his ambitious Dismaland ... more

Beasts Clawing at Straws
Kim Yong-hoon - South Korea - 108 mins

A cash-filled Louis Vuitton bag that makes its way from an upscale gym locker to a train-station luggage stash is a metaphor for the wages of crime, its winners and losers, in this highly original debut outing by writer-director Kim Yong-hoon. Popular actor Jung Woo-sung plays a handsome if hapless customs officer in the grip of an outstanding debt to gangland sharks; Korean superstar Jeon ... more

Between Heaven and Earth
Najwa Najjar - Palestine, Iceland, Luxembourg - 93 mins

A middle-class Palestinian couple, Salma (Mouna Hawa) and Tamer (Firas Nassar), must drive from their West Bank home to Nazareth, in Israel, to file the necessary paperwork for a divorce. With that unhappy premise, Najwa Najjar (Oscar® entry Eyes of a Thief) creates an enthralling weave of road movie, love story, and mystery. Within Israel's documentation requirements, the Beirut-born Tamer ... more

James Erskine - UK - 96 mins

More than 60 years after her death, Billie Holiday is still considered one of the greatest singers ever; however, her troubled life remains swathed in myth. In the 1970s, journalist Linda Kuehl began audio-taping hundreds of hours of interviews with Holiday's associates in the jazz world (Count Basie, Sylvia Syms, Billy Eckstein, Tony Bennett, Artie Shaw, John Hammond), bandmates, family, ... more

Bye Bye Mr. Etxebeste!
Asier Altuna, Telmo Esnal - Basque Country - 100 mins

In this unsparing satire on gender relations and small-town realpolitik, Mayor Patrizio Etxebeste (Ramon Agirre), learning that embezzlement scandals are bringing down his counterparts in nearby towns, has every reason to believe that his head is next. His search for a stand-in takes him no further than the woman on the next pillow, his wife Maria Luisa (Elena Irureta), who won't take no ... more

If the history of rock 'n' roll will be told in great documentaries, add Jon Brewer's Chuck Berry to the pantheon. In songs like "Maybellene," "Johnny B. Goode," and "No Particular Place to Go," Berry was an American storyteller, and his own story is as indispensable to America's as blues is to rock 'n' roll. Brewer tells it through unique access to Berry's family and to musicians who revere ... more

Coup 53
Taghi Amirani - UK, Iran, USA - 119 mins

Summer 1953 saw the overthrow of Iranian prime minister Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh and the installation of the dreaded Shah. Oil was the game, and although the United States took credit for the coup, Britain never officially acknowledged its role. Taghi Amirani and editor/co-writer Walter Murch reveal new evidence from various sources, including the transcript of a mysteriously excised tape in ... more

The Curse of the Handsome Man
Beda Docampo Feijóo - Spain - 90 mins

The Curse of the Handsome Man, the new film by Argentine director Beda Docampo, is an elegant and mischievous comedy that follows Humberto, a lifelong trickster and seducer, who is now living a quiet life in Madrid after having served time in prison for a scam that cost him his relationship with his son Jorge, who he hasn't spoken to in years. After being victimized by a robbery in the jeweler's ... more

Love Sarah
Eliza Schroeder - UK - 97 mins

Eliza Schroeder's delicious dramady will delight fans of tasty baked goods and juicy family secrets. When star baker Sarah dies unexpectedly, the plans to open a bakery with her best friend are thrown into chaos. The repercussions also affect Sarah's grieving mother, Mimi, and Sarah's daughter, Clarissa. Clarissa even walks away from both her dancing career and her boyfriend. After getting ... more

Made in Bangladesh
Rubaiyat Hossain - Bangladesh, France, Denmark, Portugal - 95 mins

In the busy metropolis of Dhaka, Shimu supports her unemployed husband with a job as a seamstress in a garment factory. Shaken by the casual lack of accountability management shows after a fire kills a colleague, Shimu connects with local feminist organizer Apa, who informs her of her rights to unionize. Under the deafening din of hundreds of manually operated sewing machines, a quiet revolution ... more

various - USA - 91 mins

7 short films: 12 Ingredients Over the Generations (Sam Hampton), Alex's Biggest Race (Julia Hoppock), They Say I'm Your Teacher (Catherine Murphy), The Runaways (Dewey Ortiz, Jr.), Dispatches from the Vietnam War - Beer, Bunkers and Typewriters (Keith Lane), The Light in Provence (Mark Williams Hoelscher), and The First (Mohammed Saffouri).... more

Noura's Dream
Hinde Boujemaa - Tunisia, Belgium, France, Qatar - 92 mins

She works in a hospital laundry room; she is raising three bright children; and while her husband, a petty criminal, does time, she has fallen in love with someone else. Noura (Hend Sabry) wants a divorce. But this is no simple matter, and when her husband is unexpectedly released, expected complications ensue. Noura could be Nora in A Doll's House, or Stella in Streetcar, her wounded husband ... more

Ordinary Happiness
Daniele Luchetti - Italy - 93 mins

In this humorous contemplation on life, director Daniele Luchetti follows our bumbling hero Paolo who passes away after being hit by a car and is catapulted into an afterlife that resembles a crowded post office. However, Paolo receives good news of his imminent return to Earth from a clerk. Due to an administrative error, he is granted another 92 minutes of life. Paolo finds himself grappling ... more

The Perfect Patient
Mikael Håfström - Sweden - 122 mins

Based on true events, The Perfect Patient combines gripping Nordic noir with a human story about a relentless and resourceful search for the truth. Thomas Quick is the most notorious serial killer ever convicted in Sweden. From the psychiatric prison where he serves a life sentence, he claims that he was also a cannibalistic rapist and confesses to an additional 25 murders. But years into ... more

Renato Barbieri - Brazil - 101 mins

Pureza tells of a simple woman who, searching for her missing son, hires on as a cook for a team of agricultural workers in the Amazon and uncovers a sophisticated slave network. With a canniness born of desperation, Pureza (Dira Paez) spies on the bosses (the aptly named Narciso and the murderous Zé) and secretly feeds the workers, becoming a mother to them. Months go by and, still risking ... more

Cheryl Jacobs Crim - USA - 96 mins

If in the future we have the luxury of forgetting what necessitated a nationwide Women's March the day after Donald Trump's inauguration, Resisterhood reminds us, opening with a medley of Trump's greatest hits from 2016–17 alone. Nevertheless, the mood of this documentary is joyous as it explores the various avenues women, in particular, take toward activism in our time and catalogs, for ... more

Andrés Wood - Chile, Argentina, Brazil - 105 mins

An old man in a beat-up car chases down a purse-snatcher and seems like a Good Samaritan—until he runs into the thief, killing him. That's just the first surprise in this taut political thriller. When police discover guns in the trunk and an arsenal at the man's home, his identity is revealed in the newspapers. He is Gerardo, a revolutionary thought to have died during Chile's violent ... more

Three Summers
Sandra Kogut - Brazil, France - 94 mins

If the working class and the ruling class changed positions, would the workers be just as resourceful? Are the rich in control only because of their money? In this blend of drama, comedy, and political commentary, veteran comic actress Regina Casé (Me You Them, Moon Over Parador) provides an answer as Madá, the housekeeper-in-chief for a wealthy family's luxurious beach home in Copacabana. ... more

Yalda: A Night for Forgiveness
Massoud Bakhshi - Iran, France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg - 89 mins

Maryam is a young woman who has been sentenced to death for murdering her husband, Nasser. Iranian law allows the victim's family to forgive her and spare her life, so Maryam's fate will be decided by Nasser's daughter, Mona, on the country's most popular televised reality show. In front of millions of viewers during Yalda, the winter solstice celebration, Maryam and Mona discover that forgiveness ... more

Wednesday, October 7 - Sunday, October 11

Oualid Mouaness - Lebanon, USA, Norway, Qatar - 100 mins

In June 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon, which was already reeling from its ongoing civil war. At a private school on the outskirts of Beirut, as the geopolitical conflict inches closer and closer, 11-year-old Wissam is more intent on finding the courage to tell his classmate that he loves her. For a dreamer like Wissam, who is more likely to be drawing than playing football, it's hard to comprehend ... more

The Capote Tapes
Ebs Burnough - USA - 96 mins

A remarkable look at both acclaimed author Truman Capote and the particular mid-century New York City high society he chronicled and lived in, Ebs Burnough's The Capote Tapes offers surprises and insights into what commentator Lewis Lapham calls "the beginning of celebrity culture." The film draws heavily on taped interviews done by George Plimpton after Capote's death. We hear from such ... more

The Champion
Leonardo D'Agostini - Italy - 100 mins

Young Italian football (soccer) star Christian Ferro can't stay out of trouble off the field, but even the police want selfies with the local hero. After one too many public outrages, the team president declares that Christian must earn his diploma or be cut from the team. It turns out that the athletic prodigy was so good he didn't bother finishing school. That Valerio, the professor hired ... more

The Crack: Inception
Jose Luis Garci - Spain - 122 mins

"When a crime goes unpunished the world gets darker," says a character in the third of José Luis Garci's noir films exploring the hard-boiled life of Germán Areta (a suitably tough Carlos Santos). His latest case involves a hard-partying tailor with a penchant for high-stakes poker. The tailor's death was ruled a suicide, but his former lover suspects murder. The victim borrowed money from ... more

The Heist of the Century
Ariel Winograd - Argentina - 114 mins

In this box-office hit thriller/comedy adaptation of what has been dubbed "the heist of the century," well-known Argentine director Ariel Winograd chronicles with remarkable detail one of the most spectacular robberies in criminal history. On January 13, 2006, in the town of Acassuso in Buenos Aires, five men carried out what is considered to be one Argentina's most famous bank robberies. ... more

Just 6.5
Saeed Roustaee - Iran - 134 mins

Regarding the scourge of drugs, one question is who is most addicted to it, the druggies or the cops. This is Tehran, where the hunt for a fabled kingpin, Nasser Khaksad, is led by detective Samad; his team rounds up crack addicts by the horde, brutalizes families of small-time dealers, and fills teeming, sweaty jail cells with the usual (miserable) suspects. The mythical Nasser Khaksad doesn't ... more

La Llorona
Jayro Bustamante - Guatemala - 97 mins

In Latin American lore, La Llorona is a haunting figure destined to weep for eternity for her children who died by her own hand. If you hear her cries, things are not going well for you. In Jayro Bustamante's luminous film, present-day Guatemala weeps for its children, the Mayan-Ixils, who were killed in a 1980s extermination campaign, genocide hiding under the skirts of a 36-year civil war. ... more

Master Cheng
Mika Kaurismäki - Finland, UK, China - 114 mins

If it's a life-affirming watch from the other side of the world you're needing, then Master Cheng might be just the ticket. In veteran Finnish director Mika Kaurismäki's heartwarming, fish-out-of-water tale, professional chef Cheng travels with his young son to a remote village in Finland following the death of his wife, to connect with an old Finnish friend he once met in Shanghai. Upon ... more

Claudia Sparrow - USA, Peru - 88 mins

In Peru's northeastern highlands, the Yanacocha open-pit gold mine sits like a scar. Yanacocha has already poisoned the waters for miles, but the American-owned Newmont Mining Corp. wants to branch out with the new Conga Mine. It has one obstacle. She stands less than 5 feet tall and is dwarfed by her hat but is cowed by no one. She is illiterate but eloquent. She is Máxima Acuña, a subsistence ... more

My Donkey, My Lover & I
Caroline Vignal - France - 97 mins

Antoinette (Laure Calamy) is an elementary school teacher, passionately involved with the married father of one of her students. When her lover cancels their plans for a romantic tryst to vacation with his wife on a multi-day hike, Antoinette makes a rash decision: she will make her own way to the mountains and surprise him on the trail. What could possibly go wrong? This scenic comedy gets ... more

Our Lady of the Nile
Atiq Rahimi - France, Belgium, Rwanda - 93 mins

Set in 1973, this coming-of-age portrait follows a group of young Rwandan girls at a Belgian-run Catholic boarding school, taking inspiration from true events that would come to foreshadow the 1994 genocide during the Rwandan Civil War. Many of the girls belong to elite families, while others hold less privilege; further division is sown by ballooning anti-Tutsi rhetoric under existing Hutu ... more

Grégory Magne - France - 100 mins

Perfumes delicately treads the line between comedy and social realism as filmmaker Grégory Magne crafts an enchanting story with reflective commentary on social class and vocation while providing fascinating insight into the mysterious work of a professional "nose." Guillaume, a professional chauffeur trying to gain custody of his daughter after a recent divorce, lands a new job driving for ... more

Short Cuts
various - USA, Iran, UK, India, Mexico - 102 mins

9 short films: Freeze (Maya Albanese), A Mother (Natasha K. Ngaiza), Driving Lessons (Marziyeh Riahi), No, I Don't Want to Dance! (Andrea Vinciguerra), Blocks (Bridget Moloney), Joe & the Shawl (Nicole Ballivian), Sekool (Stenzin Tankong), Acuitzeramo (Miguel Ángel Caballero), and State of Grace (Lourdes Portillo).... more

A Son
Mehdi M. Barsaoui - Tunisia, France, Lebanon - 95 mins

It's early September 2011, just months after the Tunisian revolution, and Fares Ben Youssef (Sami Bouajila), his wife Meriem and their 11-year-old Aziz are a tight-knit family with good economic standing, liberal friends and a new SUV, enjoying the sense of renewal and freedom ushered in by the fall of the dictatorship. However, as they accidentally drive past a conflict between Islamic militants, ... more

A Soul Journey
Marco Della Fonte - Italy, UK - 75 mins

A huge annual summer festival of American soul music in a hillside town in Italy—who knew?! Decades ago, a teenaged Graziano Uliani heard the music of Otis Redding and was so captivated that he wanted to pay tribute. Uliani organized the Porretta Soul Festival, which has been going strong for 30 years. Attended by thousands from all over Europe, it is the largest such event on the continent. ... more

The Spy
Jens Jonsson - Norway, Belgium, Sweden - 100 mins

Even though a world war is underway, glamorous Norwegian/Swedish star Sonja Wigert just wants "people to enjoy themselves." However, as her friends around her point out, "war forces you to choose sides." Still, the pampered and adored actress becomes a favorite of the Nazi officers occupying Norway. When Swedish intelligence agents try to recruit her as a spy, she's reluctant—until ... more

This is Not a Movie
Yung Chang - Canada, Germany - 106 mins

Robert Fisk has been called contrarian and controversial. If it's contrarian to ask the question, "What is it about us that permits this to happen?" while reporting on blown-out Homs, Syria (or police violence in Belfast, or a Palestinian camp in Lebanon), then the Beirut-based foreign correspondent for The Independent is indeed controversial. In Yung Chang's documentary portrait, Fisk is ... more

The Weasel's Tale
Juan José Campanella - Argentina - 129 mins

There are many weasels in director Campanella's devilishly witty tale, both actual and metaphorical. In fact, metaphors are plentiful in this story of dark secrets and brutal honesty colliding with modern ambition. In a grand dilapidated country mansion, aged movie diva Mara (Graciela Borges) spends her days mournfully re-watching her past cinematic triumphs, while her housemates—controlling ... more

David Zonana - Mexico - 82 mins

The tragedy that sets off events in this film happens in a flash: A man, Claudio, falls to his death on a building site. Also in a flash, crew foreman and owner alike want to erase the incident and move on. But Claudio's brother, Francisco, pursues justice and revenge by secretly moving from his squalid, rain-soaked digs into the partially built house and when the owner mysteriously dies, ... more