The Heist of the Century

El robo del siglo

Argentina, 2020
114 minutes, Color
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In this box-office hit thriller/comedy adaptation of what has been dubbed "the heist of the century," well-known Argentine director Ariel Winograd chronicles with remarkable detail one of the most spectacular robberies in criminal history. On January 13, 2006, in the town of Acassuso in Buenos Aires, five men carried out what is considered to be one Argentina's most famous bank robberies. The police were left perplexed as the thieves raided a branch of Banco Río, one of Argentina's largest financial institutions. After a six-hour standoff, the police found empty bank vaults and no sign of the money or the robbers. The thieves were an all-star crew that had cooked up the perfect plan. When they pulled off the caper of the century, it made them more than a fortune—it made them folk heroes. Fernando Araujo, the infamous man who orchestrated the intricate hold-up, co-wrote the film's script.—Various sources

In Spanish with English subtitles

Wednesday, October 7 - Sunday, October 11
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