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Filmfest DC (April 20-30, 2017) wraps successful 31st edition. Congratulations to the winners of Audience and Jury awards!

Filmfest DC Keeps Pace With Political and Social Issues

All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception, and the Spirit of I.F. Stone

This year's Filmfest DC opening feature was This is Our Land about the rise of populist politics in France, drawing comparison to similar events in the US. This weekend, far-right firebrand Marine Le Pen came in second in France's presidential election, forcing a runoff. This is an example of how Filmfest DC continues to have its finger on the pulse of timely world events and concerns. Filmfest's upcoming screenings of Last Men in Aleppo about the situation in Syria, Backpack Full of Cash about charter schools vs. quality public education, and All Governments Lie about the need for a free and independent press, further illustrate how the film festival has kept pace with today's political and social trends. "This is why this film festival is so amazing," said Ken Grossinger, Chairman of the CrossCurrents Foundation that supports Filmfest DC's Justice Matters section. "Its programming is often ahead of the curve and keeps us aware of salient social issues."

And the Winners Are...

Audience Awards

The winners and the runners-up are:

Last Men in Aleppo

Best Documentary

  1. Last Men in Aleppo (Denmark, Syria) directed by Feras Fayyad, co-directed by Steen Johannessen
  2. Backpack Full of Cash (USA) directed by Sarah Mondale
  3. House on Coco Road (USA, Grenada) directed by Damani Baker
  4. Two Trains Runnin' (USA) directed by Sam Pollard
  5. Obit (USA) directed by Vanessa Gould

At the End of the Tunnel

Best Feature

  1. At the End of the Tunnel (Argentina, Spain) directed by Rodrigo Grande
  2. The Patriarch (New Zealand) directed by Lee Tamahori
  3. The King's Choice (Norway) directed by Erik Poppe
  4. Train to Busan (South Korea) directed by Yeon Sang-ho
  5. Hang in There, Kids! (Taiwan) directed by Laha Mebow

Circle Award

The Preacher

Justice Matters Awards

150 Milligrams

First Feature Awards

Behind the Clouds

Behind the Clouds (Belgium) directed by Cecilia Verheyden

Signis Award

The Net

The Net (South Korea) directed by Kim Ki-duk

Short Film Awards

The Law of Averages


The Law of Averages (Canada, USA) directed by Elizabeth Rose

Visions of an Island

New Form

Visions of an Island (USA) directed by Sky Hopinka

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