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Short Cuts 1

Total running time: 106 minutes

The Geneva Convention

Benoît Martin
France, 15 minutes, 2016, narrative
While waiting at a bus stop after school, one group of teens unwillingly confronts another with unusual results.

The Law of Averages

Elizabeth Rose
Canada/USA, 14 minutes, 2016, narrative
Death waits for no woman: a dark comedy about mother-daughter relationships.


Réka Bucsi
Hungary/ France, 15 minutes, 2016, animation
In a three-part symphony of animation, love takes on interstellar dimensions.

Once Upon a Line

Alicja Jasina
USA, 7 minutes, 2016, animation
When he falls in love, a man's marriage to his humdrum routines goes on the rocks. Golden Winner, Student Academy Awards.


Hanna Maylett
Finland, 8 minutes, 2016, narrative
Even in a slow stretch, what professional actor dreams of playing a tomato?
In Person: Director Hanna Maylett and Scriptwriter Daniela Hakulinen


Joe Garrity
USA, 16 minutes, 2016, narrative
Identical brothers reconnect at the world's largest annual gathering of twins. This comical and tender ode to separation anxiety stars the director, Joe, and his own twin brother, Phil.

Victor and Isolina

William Caballero
USA, 6 minutes, 2016, animation
An elderly Latino couple talks about their long, complex and arduous relationship in this poignant and funny he said/she said love story.

Visions of an Island

Sky Hopinka
USA, 15 minutes, 2016, documentary
On a remote Alaskan island, an Unangam Tunuu elder introduces the landscape in the indigenous language. The story of human habitation melds with the natural world; the temporal and the timeless merge in this poetic visual journey.

You Can Go

Christine Turner
USA, 9 minutes, 2016, narrative
A high-school administrator talks down a troubled student. Starring S. Epatha Merkerson.


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