Short Cuts 2

Total running time: 108 minutes

Elementary School

Pedram Samadi
Iran, 2018, 9 minutes, narrative
After an afternoon of childish fun on the way home from school, Pasha and Mortenza face a loss of innocence.

Division Ave

Tamar Glezerman
USA, 2019, 15 minutes, narrative
A Jewish housewife and a young Mexican day worker forge an unlikely bond during Passover preparations in Hasidic Brooklyn.
In Person: Michal Birnbaum (writer, producer, lead actor), Nadav Remez (composer, producer), and Lorena Rodriguez (producer, lead actor) - April 30 only

4 Corners

Andre Muir
USA, 2018, 16 minutes, narrative
Five affecting vignettes are each loosely based on gang killings committed in a four-block radius in Chicago's East Rogers Park neighborhood. Together, they offer a critique on this nation's gun violence and a plea to change the vicious tit-for-tat cycle.

Throat Singing in Kangirsuk

Eva Kaukai and Manon Chamberland
Canada, 2018, 4 minutes, documentary
Through the changing seasons in their small Arctic village, Eva Kaukai and Manon Chamberland practice the joyful and mesmerizing art of Inuit throat singing.

Under the Shadow of the Guancari
(Bajo la Sombra del Guacarí)

Greg Méndez López
Colombia, 2018, 15 minutes, narrative
In the midst of a remote wetland, the town crier brings news of death and Abraham embarks on a journey to fulfill a promise marked by weeping and traditional singing.

Solar Walk

Réka Bucsi
Denmark, 2018, 21 minutes, animation
Chaos and beauty weave a seamless tapestry as individuals and the cosmos contemplate one another in the brilliantly imaginative world of animator Réka Bucsi.

To Plant a Flag

Bobbie Peers
Norway, 2018, 15 minutes, 2018, narrative
Jake Johnson and Jason Schwartzman, two NASA astronauts training for the lunar landscape of the moon, soon discover what obstacles one can encounter when facing an Icelandic sheep farmer.
Filmfest DC thanks the Smithsonian Theaters for making this film available.

Welcome to the Ball

Adam Vincent Wright
USA, 2019, 5 minutes, narrative
Two kids connect with an eye toward happiness and a disregard for gender roles.

The Elephant's Song

Lynn Tomlinson
USA, 2018, 8 minutes, animation
An old farm dog sings the true and tragic tale of Old Bet, the first circus elephant in America. Clay-on-glass frame-by-frame animation creates images like a moving finger painting.
In Person: director Lynn Tomlinson - April 27 only


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