Love Type D

UK, 2020
96 minutes, Color

Ever felt that your love life was doomed, that you're somehow unfairly destined to relive the same cycle of brief romances and brutal break-ups? If you've ever wondered why you can't hold a relationship down, then Love Type D might have the answer. In Sasha Collington's genre-defying debut, Frankie Browne tests positive for the Type D gene, a genetic defect that condemns her to a life of romantic failure. This crushing diagnosis sets in motion an unexpected, comic journey as Frankie struggles to understand the intricacies of the human heart and whether your genes are truly your destiny. Love Type D bends the terms of reality to rebel against the cliché tropes of the average romantic comedy. The film's eccentric and colorful iconography feels unusual from the get-go. The cinematography, costume design, and production design create an atmosphere that is quintessentially British yet distinctively dream-like and outlandish.—Various sources

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