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Film Series: Trust No One

Alberto Mascia - Italy - 103 mins

In a frighteningly plausible near future, government prison reform has led to inmates being kept in suspended animation, awakened quarterly to be "realigned with reality" and confronted about their crimes by psychologists. And so we meet Dr. David Damiani (Stefano Accorsi) at his job interrogating a man sentenced for murder. Damiani is trying to avoid unpleasant ... more

Saturday, April 22
8:25 PM
Friday, April 28
8:40 PM

On The Edge
Giordano Gederlini - Belgium, France, Spain - 100 mins

In this thrilling game of cat and mouse, Leo Castañeda (Antonio de la Torre) is a Spanish metro driver living in Brussels. During his shift one evening, his eyes meet those of a young man on the platform who has a familiar face. Leo recognizes his son, Hugo, just as he falls onto the rails and later dies at the hospital. Leo had not seen his son for years. ... more

Wednesday, April 26
6:00 PM
Thursday, April 27
8:05 PM

The Origin of Evil
Sébastien Marnier - France - 125 mins

When the French get their Knives Out, things get haute. In this mystery-thriller, Stéphane (Laure Calamy) works in a sardine-packing factory and in her off hours visits her girlfriend in prison. La vie en rose it's not. Stéphane reaches out to Serge, the father she never met, and the luxurious world he offers. What's to be made of Serge's family, including ... more

Friday, April 21
8:30 PM
Thursday, April 27
8:00 PM

The Substitute
Diego Lerman - Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Spain - 110 mins

Recently appointed as a substitute literature teacher at a high school in an underserved area of Buenos Aires, Lucio (Juan Minujín) has to hit the ground running if he wants to find a way to connect with the minds—and the realities—of a cohort of students with far tougher things than homework to worry about. Lucio also has big shoes to fill: those ... more

Friday, April 21
6:15 PM
Saturday, April 29
6:30 PM

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