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Film Series: Trust No One

The Collini Case
Marco Kreuzpaintner - Germany - 123 mins

Fathers figure heavily in this film set in Berlin in 2001. A neophyte public defender, Leinen catches what becomes the case of the decade: the assassination-style killing of a prominent businessman. The defendant, Fabrizio Collini (Italian actor Franco Nero in a stunning performance), neither admits nor denies the crime: he won't speak. Moreover, the victim, ... more

Friday, June 4 - Tuesday, June 8

Dawn of War
Margus Paju - Estonia - 99 mins

The tensions across Europe just before World War II are finely captured by director Margus Paju in this clockwork thriller. In 1939, Estonia had only known independence for a relatively short time when it was caught between the hostile political machinations of Germany and the Soviet Union. When the head of Estonia's counter-Soviet intelligence unit is found ... more

Wednesday, June 9 - Sunday, June 13

Human Factors
Ronny Trocker - Germany, Italy, Denmark - 102 mins

To escape mounting tensions at the advertising agency they co-own, French-German couple Nina and Jan whisk their kids, Max and Emma, away to their seaside vacation home. The couple has signed a new politically charged client, forcing them to confront their clashing priorities. What's meant to be an idyllic off-season retreat turns sinister when burglars tear ... more

Wednesday, June 9 - Sunday, June 13

Red Soil
Farid Bentoumi - France - 90 mins

Portraying a nurse named Nour, César-winner Zita Hanrot (Fatima) delivers an extraordinary performance at the unflinching eye of this environmental thriller's storm. When Nour is put on probation after a fatal accident in the emergency room, she takes charge of the infirmary of the chemical factory where her father (Sami Bouajila, César-winner for André Téchiné's ... more

Wednesday, June 9 - Sunday, June 13

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