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USA, 2022
107 minutes, Color

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This opulent historical drama is inspired by the incredible true story of composer Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges. The illegitimate son of an African slave and a French plantation owner, Bologne rose to fame as a celebrated violinist-composer and fencer, complete with an ill-fated love affair and a falling out with Marie Antoinette (Lucy Boynton) and her court. Featuring a magnetic performance from Kelvin Harrison, Jr., Chevalier brims with intrigue, romance, and sumptuous music and turns the spotlight on a brilliant Black artist whose legacy has been woefully obscured. Propelled by talent and ambition and a drive to surmount the racist barriers all around him, Bologne rose from outcast to improbable heights in the pre-revolution French society. Born in Guadeloupe in 1745, Bologne grew up in Paris as a privileged but stigmatized son. He was afforded the finest education and as a gifted, vital young man, he was endowed with unparalleled musical talent, athletic skills, and a quick wit. Director Stephen Williams brings masterful craft and genuine visual invention to Stefani Robinson's screenplay. By the time it reaches its surprising, rewarding conclusion, Chevalier distinguishes itself as a riveting, truly original life story.—Various sources

Reception at 7:00 PM, followed by Film at 8:00 PM

Wednesday, April 19
7:00 PM

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