USA, 2020
75 minutes, Color and Black & White
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The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) was the only national civil rights organization led by young people. Founded in 1960, SNCC members worked with community leaders throughout the South to help secure voting rights and to eradicate laws enforcing segregation. Its influence continued in subsequent years through an emphasis on black culture and political leadership. This new film by photojournalist Danny Lyon brings together hundreds of never-seen photographs made by Lyon during his years as a SNCC staff photographer. Audio recordings made at the time in churches and mass meetings of the songs and music that drove the movement bring alive the emotions of the era, and Lyon's 1980s interviews of SNCC leaders offer insight. Thus, we witness the successes and crushing sacrifices of the movement that "broke the back of Jim Crow and changed America and changed the world forever."—Various sources

Co-presented with The SNCC Legacy Project

Friday, June 4 - Tuesday, June 8
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Interview with director Danny Lyon

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