Costa Brava, Lebanon

Lebanon, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Qatar, 2021
107 minutes, Color

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In the forested hills above Beirut, the Badri family escape the city's physical and mental toxins by living—quite well, it must be said—off the grid. Walid (Saleh Bakri) and Soraya (Nadine Labaki), a writer and singer respectively, traded their dreams of changing the world for this personal resistance. (Their youngest child, little Rim, still talks a good political line, though.) In this spirited film, Variety notes "Akl's perceptive writing of this family as a collection of singular individuals who just happen to be related to one another." But when an enormous landfill is dug right outside their fence to rid Beirut of its persistent garbage problem in time for an upcoming election, it threatens to break the family's spirit. With the "garbage" of government corruption right at their door, family members begin to rethink their situation vis-à-vis their native city, survivalism versus survivors' guilt.—Judy Bloch

In Arabic with English subtitles

Sunday, April 24
5:00 PM
Friday, April 29
8:30 PM

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