After Sherman

USA, 2022
88 minutes, Color and Black & White

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In Person: director Jon-Sesrie Goff

Growing up in the North, Jon-Sesrie Goff was always told by his father that his homeplace was in the South Carolina Lowcountry—Gullah country. When the father, Reverend Norvell Goff, returned to his ancestral Georgetown, the son followed, camera in hand. Goff is an accomplished experimental filmmaker as well as a documentarian, and he brings a distinct artist's eye to this project that is at once informative and strikingly visual, personal and broadly relevant. Goff deeply conveys many African Americans' desire to commune with a homeplace, going beyond DNA ancestry searches to "literally connect with their people." His exploration of generations of Gullah families' relation to land, inheritance, history, and religion was interrupted by the violence that took nine souls at his father's own church, Emanuel AME, in Charleston in 2015. Just as life took a turn, so does the film. Winner of Best Documentary Award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival—Judy Bloch

Thursday, April 28
7:00 PM
Friday, April 29 - Sunday, May 1

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