The Collini Case

Der Fall Collini

Germany, 2019
123 minutes, Color

Fathers figure heavily in this film set in Berlin in 2001. A neophyte public defender, Leinen catches what becomes the case of the decade: the assassination-style killing of a prominent businessman. The defendant, Fabrizio Collini (Italian actor Franco Nero in a stunning performance), neither admits nor denies the crime: he won't speak. Moreover, the victim, Hans Meyer, is someone Leinen has known all his life—a father figure, in fact. The Italian-born Collini's case holds a mystery that Leinen—as a son, even an adopted son, of Germany's wartime generation—is driven to pursue. It takes him to a Tuscan village and a day in 1944 that changed Collini from a small boy into a lifelong "case." In confronting the sins of the fathers, the dead don't want revenge; they want justice. Then their job is done.—Judy Bloch

The film won the Audience Award at the Norwegian International Film Festival and Best Feature at Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival.

In German with English subtitles

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