Dawn of War

Estonia, 2021
99 minutes, Color
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The tensions across Europe just before World War II are finely captured by director Margus Paju in this clockwork thriller. In 1939, Estonia had only known independence for a relatively short time when it was caught between the hostile political machinations of Germany and the Soviet Union. When the head of Estonia's counter-Soviet intelligence unit is found dead, former spy Feliks (Priit Võigemast) is called back to find the mole and prevent a Russian takeover. Suspicion spreads everywhere and no one can afford a quiet moment—especially when Feliks learns that the Soviets' secret code book may be up for grabs. As the pace of events quickens, the film travels back and forth in time to see Feliks fall in love with Polish art historian Maria (Agnese Cirule) and discover the many secrets hiding everywhere. Dawn of War remains gripping to the very last moment.—Dave Nuttycombe

In Estonian with English subtitles

Wednesday, June 9 - Sunday, June 13
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