Out of Sync


Spain, Lithuania, France, 2021
104 minutes, Color

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As in the Oscar®-winning film Sound of Metal, Juanjo Giménez Peña's hypnotic Out of Sync gives viewers a disorienting sensation of what the screen characters are experiencing. And C. (Marta Nieto) is going through a lot. C. is a sound engineer who adds audio effects to films: shoes crunching on leaves, slaps to the head, etc. Her work includes making sure the sound is perfectly synced with the action, but her ears are deceiving her more and more in her daily life. Clapping her hands in front of her face yields a smack seconds later, and the disturbing effect is growing. Defiantly, C. shuns treatment and ignores the texts on her phone, which leads to problems at work. When C must return to her mother's house, difficulties ensue. As C's place in the modern world becomes increasingly shaky, secrets from the past reveal a possible solution.—Dave Nuttycombe

In Spanish with English subtitles

Friday, April 22
8:30 PM
Sunday, April 24
7:30 PM

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