The Replacement

El sustituto

Spain, 2021
115 minutes, Color

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Based on actual events from 1982, this thriller tells the story of Andrés (Ricardo Gómez), a hard-charging big-city detective sent to the supposedly quiet Spanish coast to replace an officer who died mysteriously. Aided by a cynical old-timer (Pere Ponce) dismissively nicknamed "Columbo" by the other officers, Andrés performs an unauthorized investigation that turns up increasingly disturbing details and leads to the discovery of a group of successful German ex-pats who turn out to be actual Nazis in hiding. When Andrés spends less time with his complaining wife and more time with a bright young doctor, Eva (Vicky Luengo), who can offer insight on the case, his life begins unraveling. Is there anyone in the town he can trust? The film is framed by a modern young reporter's interview about the case with the now-retired Eva (Susi Sánchez), and the final word spoken is truly a shocker.—Dave Nuttycombe

In Spanish with English subtitles

Saturday, April 23
8:30 PM
Friday, April 29
8:30 PM

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