Rosa's Wedding

La boda de Rosa

Spain, 2020
97 minutes, Color
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A busy backstage costume seamstress who is always on call, Rosa, at almost 45, is also the thread that holds the fabric of her loving but hapless family together. Rosa believes her dreams—including reopening her late mother's long-shuttered dressmaking shop—will only be realized if she makes a commitment to herself. To that end, she invites her siblings and aging father to an intimate beachside marriage ceremony. They eventually find out the true nature of the wedding, but not before arranging a surprise banquet and inviting all the tias. In this warm comedy, Icíar Bollaín regular Candela Peña, like her character Rosa, holds it all together while the ensemble cast spark wonderfully off each other.—Judy Bloch

In Spanish, Valencian with English subtitles

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Wednesday, June 9 - Sunday, June 13
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Interview with director Icíar Bollaín

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