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Senegal, Ivory Coast, 2022
101 minutes, Color

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The condition of women and the challenges young people face are at the center of Xalé, the latest visually rich film by veteran Senegalese filmmaker Moussa Sene Absa. Set in a picturesque seaside community, the town's characters embody the aforementioned themes. Teenage twins and best friends Awa and Adama differ on achieving the best futures. Top student Awa bets on education while Adama plans to leave on a perilous ocean journey to Europe. Fatou, a successful beauty shop owner, has her independence threatened by family dictates forcing her to marry Atoumane, a disgruntled taxi driver. However, when Atoumane assaults women, the community demands accountability. Vigorous Senegalese music and dance performances are uniquely integrated into the film as singing and colorfully attired storytellers follow behind the characters as the plot advances. Xalé was Senegal's Best Film submission for the 2022 Oscars®.—Cornelius Moore

In Wolof with English subtitles

Thursday, April 27
6:10 PM

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