Les Parfums

France, 2019
100 minutes, Color
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Perfumes delicately treads the line between comedy and social realism as filmmaker GrĂ©gory Magne crafts an enchanting story with reflective commentary on social class and vocation while providing fascinating insight into the mysterious work of a professional "nose." Guillaume, a professional chauffeur trying to gain custody of his daughter after a recent divorce, lands a new job driving for the haughty Anne Walberg, a master perfumer having trouble with her sense of smell. Walberg is a fallen star whose olfactory talents are now expended on recreating the odor of a prehistoric cave for a replica reconstruction, masking a factory's foul-smelling emissions, and creating deodorants. She's withdrawn, impossibly demanding, obsessed with her work, and in denial about her loneliness. After initial antagonistic skirmishes between the odd-couple, a budding friendship teaches them how to mend their lives. Call this charmingly fragrant French drama Driving Mademoiselle D'Aisy.—Various sources

In French with English subtitles

Wednesday, October 7 - Sunday, October 11

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