The fourth edition of our popular program of films from the vibrant, creative community of filmmakers in DC and the immediate Metro area.

Total running time: 99 minutes

BLAHC: The Brookland Literary & Hunting Club

Kenneth Alexander Campbell
USA, 2019, 10 minutes, documentary
The Brookland Literary & Hunting Club has been a gathering place for black men of accomplishment since 1942, playing host to some of the area's leading doctors, lawyers, scientists, and academics. Now, with an aging membership and few new members, this historic institution may be facing its final days.

Super Bella

Adielenah Perez
USA, 2021, 11 minutes, narrative
8-year-old Bella is enlisted by her neighbor, Karen, to look for her missing cat. As their search unfolds, they each realize the weight of a secret they are holding inside.


Heidi Scott
USA, 2020, 11 minutes, narrative
In the late twenty-first century, an old municipal landfill becomes a battleground in the competition for precious resources and an unintended memorial to a bygone consumer culture.

Boxing Day

Gregory Edwards
Jamaica/USA, 2020, 4 minutes, animation
In this vibrant and colorful animated collage, a man looks back on the cultural traditions, joys, and hardships of family life in rural Jamaica.

Tikkun Olam

Bob Ahmed
USA, 2021, 11 minutes, narrative
An 8-year-old is unexpectedly affected by the plight of a homeless veteran.

Our Alexandria

Robin N. Hamilton
USA, 2019, 17 minutes, documentary
Two artists from Alexandria, Virginia, revisit the town's segregated past and tell the story of family, friendship, loss, and love through historical dollhouses.

Between the Lines: Liz at Large

Abi Cole
USA, 2021, 5 minutes, documentary
Meet Liz Montague, the first black female cartoonist in The New Yorker's near century run.


Michael Skinner and Jon Michael Shink
USA, 2020, 30 minutes, documentary
After the District of Columbia won limited home rule in the 1970s, its nascent city government struggled to manage its newfound independence. In this in-depth look at some of the biggest cases in the city's history, the Office of the Inspector General shows how it has shaped the District by fighting fraud, abuse, and neglect.

Friday, June 4 - Sunday, June 13

Interview with directors Heidi Scott, Robin Hamilton, Jon Michael Shink, and Michael Skinner

Interview with directors Gregory Edwards and Bob Ahmed

Interview with directors Adielenah Perez and Abi Cole

Interview with director Kenneth Alexander Campbell

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