Short Stories 1

A kaleidoscopic lens on our world today and life in these times.

Total running time: 93 minutes

The Little Beach/La Playita

Sonia Bertotti
Argentina, 2019, 13 minutes, narrative
On a summer day, on the crowded shores of the Paraná River, no one notices when a 7-year-old girl wanders away from her family.


Hazel McKibbin
USA, 2020, 10 minutes, narrative
After Emma lodges a sexual harassment complaint against her supervisor, she meets with senior management to discuss the results of their investigation.

The Affected/De Berørte

Rikke Gregersen
Norway, 2020, 13 minutes, narrative
On a commercial flight to Istanbul, an activist forces the pilot of the plane to take a political stance, which is not his intention at all.

Sky Sun, Tile Sun

Ziba Arzhang
Islamic Republic of Iran, 2020, 6 minutes, animation
A kaleidoscope of medieval Persian tilework provides the stunning animation backdrop for this tale of the triumph of light over dark.

The Longest Dream I Remember/El Sueño Más Largo Que Recuerdo

Carlos Lenin
Mexico, 2021, 20 minutes, narrative
As Tania prepares to leave her hometown, she must confront what her absence will mean in the search for her father, who has disappeared.

This Is the Way We Rise

Ciara Lacy
USA, 2020, 12 minutes, documentary
Dr. Jamaica Heolimeleikalani Osorio is a renown queer slam poet and assistant professor at the College of Social Sciences at the University of Hawai'i. In her ongoing activism, Dr. Osorio joins the protests at Mauna Kea, considered by many indigenous Hawaiians the most sacred dormant volcano in the state.

We Travel

Ethan Payne and B. Brian Foster
USA, 2020, 13 minutes, performance documentary
Writer and Mississippi native B. Brian Foster's four-part homage to his forebears weaves stories of his roots with those of the land, racial violence, and the resilience of black life in the rural South. Through the notes and anecdotes collected from his ancestors, Foster embodies the spirit of each generation in their own words, fusing past, present, and future.
Note: Some viewers may find the language and imagery in this film disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.


Joshua James Johnson and Tim Maupin
USA, 2021, 6 minutes, narrative
In the future, a family takes a day trip to behold one of the last remaining wonders of the world.

Interview with directors Ethan Payne, Joshua James Johnson, & Tim Maupin

Interview with directors Hazel McKibbin & Carlos Lenin

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