Short Stories 2

An eclectic mix of animation, narrative and documentary from around the world.

Total running time: 103 minutes

Au revoir Jérôme!

Adam Sillard, Gabrielle Selnet, & Chloé Farr
France, 2021, 8 minutes, animation
Having just arrived in heaven, Jérôme sets out, still in his bellbottoms, on an odyssey around the territory in an effort to reunite with his late wife Maryline. The untamed fantasia created through an amalgam of three 70's–inspired animation styles harkens back to the wild and colorful imaginings of George Dunning's Yellow Submarine.


Olive Nwosu
Nigeria/UK, 2021, 15 minutes, narrative
After having lived in Europe for years, when Sawela returns to Nigeria as an adult for her mother's funeral, her grief combines with memories as she is immersed back into her own homeland. There she encounters her childhood love, and they share a reckoning with their life choices.

F^¢k '€m R!ght B@¢k

Harris Doran
USA, 2022, 13 minutes, narrative
@DapperDanMidas — government employee by day and Black queer rapper by night — goes to hilarious lengths to avoid getting fired after accidentally consuming an edible at a gig.


Jonatan Schwenk
Germany, 2021, 4 minutes, animation
In the dark swamps of a nocturnal wood, forest-dwellers encounter a group of gleaming axolotls.


Minsho Limbu
Nepal, 2021, 15 minutes, narrative
A newlywed is left with her mother in rural Nepal while her husband seeks work in India. As the days pass with no contact, her longing for him subtly shifts and she recaptures her awareness of the world around her.

Kicking the Clouds

Sky Hopinka
USA, 2021, 16 minutes, documentary
Using gathered images, this thoughtful reflection on ancestors, descendants, and land centers around a 50-year-old audio recording of the filmmaker's grandmother as she learns the Pechanga language from her mother, a member of the Pechanga group of Luiseño Native Americans.

The Panola Project

Rachael DeCruz & Jeremy S. Levine
USA, 2021, 17 minutes, documentary
This inspiring documentary chronicles the efforts of the unstoppable Dorothy Oliver to keep the people of her small town of Panola, Alabama safe from COVID-19 in a state with one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. Running a makeshift vaccine coordination center from her convenience store, she has seen to the vaccination of nearly 99% of the adults in this overwhelmingly Black rural community.


Dania Bdeir
Lebanon/France, 2021, 16 mins, narrative
Mohammad, a lonely construction worker in Beirut, finds solace in a most unusual place — the cabin of the tallest and notoriously most dangerous crane in Lebanon.

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