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Short Stories 2

An eclectic mix of animation, narrative and documentary from around the world.

Total running time: 87 minutes

In ASL (American Sign Language) and English with Open Captions
Audio Description is available and ASL Interpretation will be provided at this event


Edna Luise Biesold
USA, 2021, 10 minutes, narrative (American Sign Language, Open Captions)   
A couple's relationship is put to the test when the sunscreen goes missing during a day at the beach.

In Person: Director Edna Luise Biesold

The Online Shop

Carsten Woike
Germany, 2022, 12 minutes, narrative (German w/English subtitles)
For a seemingly close family, a quiet evening at home reveals a darker truth.

I Am Home

Kymon Greyhorse
USA, 2021, 2 minutes, experimental (Navajo (Diné) w/English subtitles)
Navajo/Tongan director Kymon Greyhorse proffers a love letter to their ancestors and a joyful ode to the co-existence of past and present within each Indigenous person.
       Social: #IAMHOMEFILM

Take Me Home

Liz Sargent
USA, 2022, 16 minutes, narrative
After their mother's death, a cognitively disabled woman and her estranged sister must learn to communicate in order to move forward.


Sobre Elas

Bruna Arcangelo
Brazil, 2022, 14 minutes, documentary (Portuguese w/English subtitles)
Profiles of three Brazilian women demonstrate that female liberation is collective, not individual.


Bohdan Romanko
Ukraine, 2022, 10 minutes, narrative (no audio dialogue; English text)
A romantic relationship unfolds via text messages between a Ukrainian man inspired to join the defense forces and a friend from the office who anxiously follows his journey.


Maesha Maene
Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2022, 14 minutes, narrative (French and Swahili w/English and French subtitles)
In this Afrofuturist visual poem, an "afronaut" emerges from the wreckage of his spaceship on the edge of a volcanic crater and descends into the city he discovers below it.

Well Wishes My Love, Your Love

Gabriel Gabriel Garble
Sweden and Malaysia, 2022, 9 minutes, animated (music, no dialogue)
In this dazzling celebration of color and nature, a boy finds a unique way to bring the world to his newly disabled and house-bound friend.

Wednesday, April 26
8:10 PM

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