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Arabian Sights returns for its 18th year! From October 25 – November 3, Arabian Sights will present two weekends featuring some of the best in contemporary cinema throughout the Arab world.

And The Award Goes To...

Jews of Egypt, directed by Amir Ramses (Egypt). This fascinating documentary brilliantly blends interviews and archival footage to recall times of tolerance and inclusiveness when the identity of Egyptian Jews was unquestioned by their Arab compatriots and they were viewed as partners in nation building. Jews of Egypt captures fragments of the lives of members of the Jewish community from the first half of the 20th Century until their departure from Egypt in the 1950s.

Meet our special guests - Q&A after screenings

Moumen Smihi - Tanjaoui

Jaime Otero - A Common Enemy

Ramsi Lehner - Chaos, Disorder
Photo courtesy of Bashir Wagih & Soha Khoury

Sunday, October 27

Friday, November 1

Saturday, November 2

Sunday, November 3

  • Director Moumen Smihi: Tanjaoui (Morocco)