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Arabian Sights is back and better than ever!

The 19th Annual Arabian Sights Film Festival returns November 1 – November 9 with the best in contemporary cinema from all over the Arab world. For two weekends, Arabian Sights will showcase some of the most captivating and talked about films of the year. You don’t want to miss it!

Film screenings will take place at the Goethe-Institut, AMC Mazza Gallerie, and the Embassy of France. Tickets will be available for purchase at the theater during the festival and conveniently available for presale online.

Film Selections

Certified Halal
Southern Algeria. Two processions collide at the tomb of the local mystic. Amidst confusion, two brides are switched… From the director of Beur, Blanc, Rouge.

Abd El Kader
There are stories that are more than stories and there are names that evoke more than a man. This documentary is one of those about a man named Abd El Kader (1808-1883), Algeria's national hero, who unified the resistance and fought French colonization while building the modern Algerian State.
North American Premiere.

Challat of Tunis
They call him The Challat, aka "The Slasher," and the mere mention of his name provokes fascination and terror. Is he a lone criminal, an urban legend, or could he be the creation of a political group or religious fanatics? A mockumentary full of satire, irony and humor.

Leba, a music instructor, convinces the villagers that his special little boy is an angel and only makes noise when one of them – a thieving policeman, a bad-mouthed barber, and a corrupt butcher, among others – commits a transgression.
North American Premiere

Ziad, a ten-year-old boy living in the West Bank, is so enamored of the two giraffes at the Qalqilya Zoo that he can communicate with them. When one of Ziad's beloved giraffes is lost in an airstrike, his father is determined to bring in a new mate from the safari park in Israel.

The Proof
Ali, a married taxi driver in Algeria, runs into trouble when he picks up Fatima, a young woman who is single and pregnant. When he is arrested and accused of being the father of Fatima's unborn child, he must choose between revealing his infertility and sacrificing his masculinity, or keeping silent and risking a divorce from his wife.
US Premiere

Rock the Casbah
Featured in Filmfest DC 2014 and back by popular demand! Set in a lavish villa in Tangier, Rock the Casbah unfolds over the three days of mourning by local custom, following the death of a major family patriarch, Moulay Hassan. There are revelations and reconciliations among three sisters during the family gathering. Featuring Omar Sharif.
Winner of the Signis Award, Filmfest DC

Sotto Voce
Morocco/United Arab Emirates
1958 Algeria. Hassan has formed a chorale made up of young deaf-mutes. However the director of the medical establishment is abusive and the deaf-mutes kill him. To save them from the death penalty reserved for those who kill a Frenchman and to protect this exceptional chorus, Hassan and his pupils are going to flee through the Algerian Moroccan border, the Morice line, an electrified and mined belt of seven hundred kilometers.
Best film Award, Tangiers Film Festival

Villa 69
Villa 69 is the place of residence of Hussein (Khaled Abol Naga), a stubborn bad tempered old man. When his loyal housekeeper leaves for a few days, Hussein finds his life turned upside down, especially after his sister Nadra (Lebleba) arrives to stay, bringing along her son, Seif, her maid, and driver in tow.
Winner of the Special Jury Award, Abu Dhabi Film Festival

The full film schedule will be available online in the middle of September. Continue to check back frequently for updates about our program, tickets, special events, and guests; and be sure to join our mailing list and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the most up to date news.

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