A Son

Bik Eneich

Tunisia, France, Lebanon, 2019
95 minutes, Color
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It's early September 2011, just months after the Tunisian revolution, and Fares Ben Youssef (Sami Bouajila), his wife Meriem and their 11-year-old Aziz are a tight-knit family with good economic standing, liberal friends and a new SUV, enjoying the sense of renewal and freedom ushered in by the fall of the dictatorship. However, as they accidentally drive past a conflict between Islamic militants, their son Aziz is hit by a stray bullet. In the emergency ward, the wealthy couple faces a new problem: Aziz needs an organ donor, but it can't be either of them. This story about a father whose entire world comes apart after his son is gravely injured in a terrorist shootout shrewdly casts one of the world's best thespians, 2006 Cannes best actor winner Sami Bouajila, in the lead as it probes delicate questions of parenthood, masculinity and personal ego within an Arab-world context.—Various sources

In Arabic and French with English subtitles

Wednesday, October 7 - Sunday, October 11
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