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Advance tickets are available through until midnight the day before the show. No sales on the day of show. However tickets can be purchased at the theater starting one hour before the first show. Cash or check sales only.

 Asfouri   Fouad Alaywan - Lebanon - 98 mins

In the Sanayeh district of Beirut, Abu Afif's building, erected in the 1920s, has survived Lebanon's Civil War. Guerilla groups, militias, displaced civilians and invaders have all passed through and have left messages on the walls. These words remind Abu Afif's grandson Karim of his childhood in Beirut and lure him back to the capital. ... more

Friday, November 1 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Saturday, November 2 1:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Bekas   Karzan Kader - Iraq, Sweden, Finland - 92 mins

It is the early 1990's in Kurdistan, northern Iraq. Saddam Hussein has a grip on the Kurdish population and his regime is threatening to escalate the terror. Life is not easy for the homeless brothers Zana and Dana in their Kurdish village. One day, the solution for all of Kurdistan's troubles appears through a hole in the wall, as the ... more

Saturday, October 26 7:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Sunday, October 27 5:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Casablanca Mon Amour   John Slattery - US, Morocco - 79 mins

Written and directed by American filmmaker John Slattery, this fiction/nonfiction hybrid presents two bright and humorous Moroccan college students, Hassan and Abdel, as they journey from Casablanca over the Atlas mountains to the Sahara desert. Hassan, in the midst of creating a media project, uses the trip to investigate how Morocco ... more

Saturday, October 26 4:15 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Sunday, October 27 12:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Chaos, Disorder   Nadine Khan - Egypt - 77 mins

In a dusty, poor but lively village, a football match and irregular deliveries are what hold the interest of the locals. Water, food and gas arrive intermittedly by truck and are distributed to the residents, who gather to collect the goods impatiently and often in anger, with the best choices reserved for local shopkeeper Haj Sayed. ... more

Friday, November 1 9:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Saturday, November 2 3:45 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 A Common Enemy   Jaime Otero Romani - Tunisia, Spain - 78 mins

A thrilling political documentary based on the first ever free elections in Tunisia after the Arab Spring told through the eyes of the protagonists of the Jasmine Revolution. Relying only on the Internet and other social media and on unity and determination to achieve freedom and dignity, this uprising became the first Arab revolution ... more

Saturday, November 2 9:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Egyptian Cinema Today and Tomorrow   Panel - various - 90 mins

As a new Egypt is emerging in the wake of the revolutionary changes taking place in the country, a new cinema is also evolving – movies reflecting Egypt's old as well as new realities. In 2012 alone, thirty new movies were made in Egypt. Yet there is an ongoing debate about the future of the Egyptian film industry, not only because of ... more

Sunday, November 3 2:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie FREE
 Inheritance   Hiam Abbass - Palestine, France, Israel, Turkey - 88 mins

Inheritance follows a Palestinian family living in the north of Galilee as they prepare for the wedding of the patriarch's eldest granddaughter. But war raging between Lebanon and Israel as well as among the family members cuts short the festivities with air raid sirens and bruised spirits. The conservative patriarch-grandfather ... more

Friday, October 25 7:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $20.00
 Jews of Egypt   Amir Ramses - Egypt - 96 mins

This fascinating documentary brilliantly blends interviews and archival footage to recall times of tolerance and inclusiveness when the identity of Egyptian Jews was unquestioned by their Arab compatriots and they were viewed as partners in nation building. Jews of Egypt captures fragments of the lives of members of the Jewish ... more

Sunday, November 3 12:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 The Lebanese Rocket Society   Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige - Lebanon, France, Qatar - 93 mins

A forgotten episode in the great space race of the 1960s between the United States and the Soviet Union has been uncovered again in The Lebanese Rocket Society, a cheerful documentary that pieces together the story of the yearning to plant a Lebanese flag on the moon and how that dream shattered. At the Haigazian University ... more

Saturday, October 26 12:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Sunday, October 27 3:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Tanjaoui   Moumen Smihi - Morocco - 99 mins

Set in the 1960s during the early years of Moroccan independence. Larbi Salmi is the son of a Muslim theologian family in cosmopolitan Tangiers. Debating God's existence with his devout father, literature with a beautiful teacher from Paris, and national politics with his friends ("the proletariat is with us!"), Larbi slowly awakens ... more

Saturday, November 2 6:15 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Sunday, November 3 4:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 A World Not Ours   Mahdi Feilfel - Lebanon, UK - 93 mins

In A World Not Ours, director Mahdi Fleifel turns a personal and humorous camera on his friends and family who remain refugees in the Palestinian camp Ain el-Helweh ("Sweet Spring") in Lebanon. The camp, hastily built in 1948, now houses 70,000 refugees in one square kilometer. Fleifel spent many of his formative years in the ... more

Saturday, October 26 9:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Sunday, October 27 7:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Zabana!   Said Ould-Khelifa - Algeria - 107 mins

Zabana!, a biopic on Ahmad Zabana, sheds insight into the life of an Algerian activist and icon while also examining the French justice system in the 1950s. Beginning with his youth and early commitment to the National Movement, the film follows Zabana's time in the war for independence, the circumstances of his arrest, and his ... more

Saturday, October 26 2:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Sunday, November 3 7:15 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00