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  20th Anniversary Happy Hour

Enjoy complimentary refreshments and mingle with fellow festival attendees as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Arabian Sights.... more

Saturday, October 24 5:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie FREE
  Cairo Time
  Amir Ramses - Egypt - 110 mins

Taking place over a single day, Cairo Time is the multigenerational story of six interconnected characters, all at a turning point in their lives. Lila, a retired actress is looking for her last acting partner, Sam, to resolve unfinished business. Salma, a germaphobe, is dating Wael and they are in a friend's apartment arguing ... more

Sunday, October 25 4:15 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00
  Eyes of a Thief
  Najwa Najjar - Palestine - 98 mins

Inspired by real events, Eyes of a Thief is a rare glimpse into Palestinian society from the inside out, operating simultaneously as a thriller, a relationships drama, and as a nuanced slice of everyday Palestinian life under the Occupation. After ten years in prison, Tarek, played by Khaled Abol Naga, is desperate to find his ... more

Friday, October 23 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00
  Far From Men
  David Oelhoffen - France - 101 mins

The year is 1954 at the onset of the Algerian War of Independence. The place is Algeria and former French Army solider Daru (Viggo Mortensen) just wants to a lead a peaceful, quiet life as a schoolteacher in a remote mountainous town. When he is called to duty to escort an Algerian rebel (Reda Kateb) to a nearby city to stand trial for ... more

Friday, October 16 8:45 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00
Saturday, October 17 4:15 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00
  From A to B
  Ali F. Mostafa - United Arab Emirates, Jordan - 107 mins

From the director of City of Life (Arabian Sights, 2010), comes From A to B, a comedic road trip film, brimming with heart. From A to B tells the story of three long lost childhood friends Rami, Yousef and Omar (an Egyptian, a Saudi and a Syrian) who reluctantly embark on a journey from Abu Dhabi to Beirut ... more

Sunday, October 25 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $20.00
  I Am Nojoom, Age 10 And Divorced
  Khadija Al Salami - France, Yemen, United Arab Emirates - 99 mins

A 10-year-old girl walks into a courtroom, looks the judge straight in the eye and tells him, "I want a divorce." In Yemen, where there is no age restriction for marriage, Nojoom Ali's father, terrified of shame and desperate for money, arranges for Nojoom to marry a villager who is three times her age in exchange for a trivial dowry. ... more

Saturday, October 24 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00
Sunday, October 25 2:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00
  The Intruder
  Shariff Korver - The Netherlands - 87 mins

In this captivating and intense thriller, a Dutch cop of Moroccan descent goes deep undercover to infiltrate a drug-trafficking Moroccan family. The deeper he embeds himself in the family's inner circles, the more he realizes a sense of belonging and a feeling of brotherhood that has until now eluded him. It is then he begins to question ... more

Sunday, October 18 5:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00
  Les Petits Chats
  Sherif Nakhla - Egypt - 80 mins

Get ready to tap your feet to James Brown's "I Feel Good", The Beatles "With a Little Help From My Friends" and Ray Charles' "Unchain My Heart" — as performed by Egypt's legendary Les Petits Chats. Concerts by the 60s and 70s rock band were mobbed by loyal fans who danced the night away. Their songs, most of which were an eclectic array ... more

Friday, October 16 7:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00
Saturday, October 17 9:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00
  The Man from Oran
  Lyes Salem - France - 128 mins

From the director of Masquerades (Arabian Sights, 2009), Lyes Salem presents a poignant political drama spanning 30 years. Following the independence of Algeria, two close friends, Djaffer (director Lyes Salem), a modest idealist, and Hamid (Khaled Benaissa), a wheeler-dealer, face a promising future. Hamid goes on to a prominent ... more

Sunday, October 18 2:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00
  The New Arab Cinema
   - 90 mins

Since the inception of the Arabian Sights Film Festival twenty years ago, there have been wide-ranging and significant strides in the evolution of Arab cinema, regionally as well as internationally. Has this evolution opened the doors for a strong industry with solid foundations? Has Arab cinema come of age and is it ... more

Saturday, October 24 4:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00
  A Thousand and One Journeys: The Arab Americans
  Abe Kasbo - United States - 84 mins

Abe Kasbo's timely new film vividly paints a portrait of the Arab-American immigrant experience through the stories of people who came to the United States hoping to find the American Dream, including Senator George Mitchell, Jamie Farr, General John Abizaid, Anthony Shadid, Andy Shallal, Helen Thomas, and others. This is the often untold ... more

Saturday, October 17 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00
Sunday, October 18 7:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00
  Majid Al Ansari - United Arab Emirates - 93 mins

Talal (Saleh Bakri) has just woken up in a police cell with no memory of the night before and no identification. His predicament gets a lot worse with the arrival of brilliant psychopath Dabaan (Ali Suliman) who seems determined to play vicious and unexpected mind games with him. Talal's confinement becomes a fight for survival and a ... more

Friday, October 23 8:50 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00
Saturday, October 24 9:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00