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Tickets are now on sale

$12.00 per person for each screening, unless otherwise noted.

Advance Sales

Advance sales are subject to a convenience fee. Tickets may be purchased through MissionTix or over the phone by calling 410-982-0799 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST on weekdays.

Day-Of Sales

Tickets can only be purchased at the theatre on the day of the show. Box office opens 1 hour before the venue's first screening of the day.

Festival Pass

Purchase a Festival Pass of 9 regular priced tickets online for just $90. This package does not include Closing Night. In order to receive your discount, you must select exactly nine $12 tickets in any combination you choose - whether it's all for one show, 1 each for a bunch of shows, or any other combo you create. Once you have selected your 9 tickets, head to your cart and check out. The discount will automatically be applied during your checkout process. If you would like to purchase more than a package worth of tickets, please first complete the ticket package transaction. Then make a second purchase for your remaining tickets. The Festival Pass price does include a small $3.00 convenience fee.

Call the Arabian Sights Hotline at 202-234-FILM (3456).