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Cairo Time

Egypt, 2014, 110 minutes, Color

Taking place over a single day, Cairo Time is the multigenerational story of six interconnected characters, all at a turning point in their lives. Lila, a retired actress is looking for her last acting partner, Sam, to resolve unfinished business. Salma, a germaphobe, is dating Wael and they are in a friend's apartment arguing about the biggest decision of their lives. Hazem, a young drug dealer on his way from Alexandria to Cairo, picks up an old man desperate to find the woman in the picture he has carried around for years. Together they embark on a rollicking journey. Cairo Time brings together three Egyptian screen icons: Mervat Amin, Samir Sabry and Nour El-Sherif. From the director of Jews of Egypt (Arabian Sights, 2013) comes a film that harmoniously combines comedy, romance, and drama.—Various Sources

In Arabic with English subtitles

Sunday October 25 4:15 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00

Middle East Institute

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