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I Am Nojoom, Age 10 And Divorced

France, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, 2015, 99 minutes, Color, Digital

In Person: Director Khadija Al Salami

A 10-year-old girl walks into a courtroom, looks the judge straight in the eye and tells him, "I want a divorce." In Yemen, where there is no age restriction for marriage, Nojoom Ali's father, terrified of shame and desperate for money, arranges for Nojoom to marry a villager who is three times her age in exchange for a trivial dowry. Subjected to physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her husband and grouchy mother-in-law, Nojoom escapes and attains protection from a compassionate judge. Despite the risk to his own career and family, the judge pursues justice on her behalf. Based on Nojood Ali's best-selling autobiography, this gripping feature film tells of the little girl who made headline news in 2009 and became a symbol of the movement against forced and underage marriage. Recipient of the top prize at the Dubai International Film Festival. —Various Sources

In Arabic with English subtitles

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Saturday October 24 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00
Sunday October 25 2:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $13.00

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