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The Lighter Side
Politics Isn't the Only Funny Thing in Washington!

A good laugh is a universal pastime and Filmfest DC is continuing its popular series of international comedies. Comedies do more than just entertain; they also offer important insights into the central workings of a given culture, from its oldest customs to its most taboo subjects. Humor varies from one culture to the next, and it is impossible to characterize international comedies under one umbrella. Thus, in this series we explore how international cinema has used humor to better understand the human condition as well as to make fun of our foibles. If the language of cinema is universal, then laughter is our common vocabulary.

Henri Henri

Trust No One
Espionage, Crime, and Thrillers

Good guys vs. bad guys (or girls)... Will she escape?...Who done it?...The heist...Mystery...Suspense...Conspiracy...Betrayal. It's probably best to trust no one. Unlike the traditional Hollywood fare driven by loud explosions and endless sequels, our Trust No One focus offers engaging plots in atmospherics locations with fascinating characters who fuel the excitement in Filmfest DC's selection of international thrillers and crime dramas. This is edge-of-your-seat movie fun.

24 Days

Tap World

Rhythms On and Off the Screen
Films on Music

The collaboration of music and film often serves to illuminate both art forms' distinct beauty. This combination of visual and audio production can create a highly stimulating experience for the filmgoer. Filmfest DC focuses on this dynamic combination by highlighting a number of international films that feature music accompanied by live pre-screening performances by some of DC's most talented musicians and dancers!

Be Known,The Mystery of Kahil El Zabar

Reel Jazz
Films on Jazz

Performances by some of the worlds most accomplished jazz musicians have been captured in this series of jazz on film. In addition to the music, we learn who these creative giants are as people and what experiences shaped them. It is a rare year when a number of excellent films with this theme are available and the festival is pleased to present them.

WPFW is the Media Sponsor for Reel Jazz and Justice Matters.

Justice Matters

When an individual or group has experienced an injustice, filmmakers use their talents and craft to make us aware and, hence, call us into action. The Justice Matters focus within Filmfest DC highlights this tradition of using film to expand our awareness and understanding of social justice issues around the globe.


We want to thank the CrossCurrents Foundation for their support in helping to make this series possible.

  • Dukhtar (Pakistan, USA, Norway) directed by Afia Nathaniel
  • Limited Partnership (USA) directed by Thomas Miller
  • Maidan (The Netherlands) directed by Sergei Loznitsa
  • This is My Land (France) directed by Tamara Erde
  • Tigers (India, France, UK) directed by Danis Tanovic

The award jury consists of:

  • Angelica Das, Associate director, Center for Media & Social Impact, American University
  • Conrad Martin, Executive Director, Stewart R. Mott Foundation and Executive Director of the Fund for Constitutional Government
  • Montr'e Aza Missouri, Founder and Director, Howard Film Culture

Impact Project

Many independent filmmakers passionately focus on telling stories that spotlight issues of social justice. In recognition of their creators' commitment to share these important themes to the broadest possible public, the social justice films in Filmfest DC will be the focus of a special initiative to bring these works to a wider audience in our area.

In addition to the films' festival screenings, the project includes a series of programs and presentations designed for students and community groups. The Filmfest DC website offers thought-provoking resources about the films and the issues they explore.

This project is conceived and directed by Linda Blackaby, Filmfest DC's senior programming consultant, and is supported by a grant from an Anonymous Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation.

Sister Cities Through the Lens

Filmfest DC joins the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities in celebrating Washington’s Sister Cities Program by presenting a series focusing on new films from three international capitals – Paris, Rome and Seoul. Seen through the lenses of native filmmakers, each of these cities teems with liveliness and urban trends, just like the District of Columbia. What better way to become familiar with our Sister Cities than from the perspectives of those who live there and observe their dynamic vitality?

Films selected for the Sister Cities Through the Lens series are:

Sponsored by DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

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